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We help alleviate the detriment of excluded people globally using cleantech

Impact Nomads' Mission

Alleviate detriment

We deploy our solutions where the impact is greatest, thus achieving maximum bang for each donated buck

Help excluded persons

Impact Nomads better the lives of victims of global exclusion by war, climate change and ecological disasters

Clean Technology

By deploying smart and clean technology, we strive to mitigate hardship among those who can't fend for themselves

Social Enterprise

If we wanted to get rich off this idea, we would have continued working at consulting firms

Further reading
Read our full statutes,
     the 2016 annual report,
     the 2017 annual report,
     the 2018 annual report.
     the 2019 annual report.
Our current plans (beleidsplannen) are included in the last annual report. Please read the 2022 addendum.

Warmth, wifi and power in disaster areas

Our products provide infrastructure in the most difficult of locations, helping both aid workers and displaced persons stay in touch with each other and with the emergency services

Cooking Stations

The core of our solution is the ACE1 biomass stove, invented by African Clean Energy. Lack of infrastructure often leads to cold and hunger in disaster areas. By the aid relief workers arrive, cooking facilities are often insufficient. The ACE1 provides a portable kitchen.

Triangulation Security

Every phone connected to the product via WiFi gives an indication of the real time location of the relief worker carrying it. This is great for aid workers who want to keep track of their colleagues.

Extendible Mast

Every backpack comes with an extendible pole, carrying a 4G or Satcom wireless router providing extensive internet coverage.


Communicating practical information and maps to displaced persons is a top priority of relief organisations. By enabling the WiFi hotspot to send push messages, the users can be informed efficiently of their next step.


Every unit comes with over two dozen phone charging USB-slots, so that everyone is able to sap power. By deploying units along the shore and in the camps, coverage of power, warmth and wifi can be extended throughout a region.

Free of Charge

By providing these services free of charge, we make sure that they are actually used. We believe that having working communication channels in disaster stricken areas will pay for itself by enabling more efficient relief work and saving lives through lifelines.

Who We Are

Join the Impact Nomads on an adventure.

Former business analysts and IT-hotshots turned global aidtech Samaritans.


Jonas Sweep

Chief Optimist

Foundation treasurer

  • Capgemini Business Analyst
  • MSc in Theoretical Physics
  • Lesvos Aid Worker
  • Creative genius


Peter Sinia

Chief Visionary

Foundation chairman

  • Finishing a PhD in Theology
  • Lesvos Aid Worker
  • The Personification of Charisma


Anja Tedeško

Chief Paper Tiger

Foundation secretary

  • Cooking Expert
  • Field Veteran
  • Anthropology Master

Technical specialist

Harry Schreeven

Chief Problem Solver

Design lead

  • Solar systems ninja
  • Former physics teacher
  • The personification of Gutmensch

Community manager


Chief Bond Creator

Charity event & online organizer

  • Marketing specialist
  • Killer content maker
  • Party squad
  • Networker


Els Puts

Administrative genius

Finance & operations

  • Entrepreneur
  • Busy bee
  • 24/7 organisational supporter

Our Stories

  • Author image
    Jonas Sweep Founder Impact Nomads

    The rat race is a game,
    in which the only winning move is not to play.

  • Author image
    Willem de Kleijne Impact Nomad for life

    Great ideas are simple, which is why they often elicit incredulity. Devising a solution isn't what is incredible, turning it into reality is.


Questions and Answers.

Everything you wanted to know about the Impact Nomads, but were too afraid to ask.

How can I become an aid worker on Lesvos or other disaster areas?

Click here, state your plans and we'll do our best to make them come true! If you have questions, drop us an e-mail.

Are you hiring?

Every dollar we make at the moment is being poured into prototype development. When this thing takes off, we will be recruiting in 2018! More on this later. If you bring your own grant or want to become a volunteer, you are most welcome!

I'd like to help!

Awesome! You can help out by donating, becoming a volunteer, sharing this Youtube clip, subbing to the Twitter feed or joining our Facebook community!

I want to order your product with modified features

Our agile methods enable us to customize most features pretty quickly, contact Willem to carve out a win-win!

Where is your office?

Wherever we are!

Can I have a beer with you guys?

Sure thing! We will be hosting charity events later on, check out our Twitter timeline to stay in the loop. There will be alcohol, the revolution will be televised.